Camera inspection for sewage and pipework

Through a camera inspection we can map the routes of pipelines in a home or business premises. With our specialized equipment in the form of a sewer camera with ultrasonic sensors, we can accurately measure how the pipes run.

For persistent stench

Do you structurally experience a persistent sewer smell in your home or business premises? A leaking pipe can often be the cause here. Where is this drain pipe located? Are there multiple drain pipes causing problems? What is the condition of these drain pipes?

With a camera inspection, we can accurately view the condition of the in the drain pipeline system. In doing so, a digital monitor shows exactly what the camera finds in the pipes.

Should it be necessary to repair or replace your drain pipes, one of our plumbers will take care of it for you.

Camera inspection for drain pipes and sewers

For renovations and garden work

When you want to remodel your home or dig in your yard, it is important not to damage any drain pipes. In fact, this can have major consequences. Through an inspection, we can map out the routes of the drain pipes and sewer system so that you can get started with the renovations safely.

Camera inspection costs

If you only want to have a camera inspection performed, the costs are 99 euros excl. VAT for the inspection and 85 euros excl. VAT for travel. These charges cover the first hour of work. Should more time be needed, 20 euro excl. VAT will be charged per quarter of an hour.

If we are already at your location to perform other services, the call-out charge will of course be dropped.

More information about our transparent costs can be found on the pricing page.

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