Unclogging a sink

A clogged sink can cause tremendous irritation. The clogging of the sink can happen overnight or be an accumulation of months or years of accumulated dirt in the pipes. In this article, we explain what exactly can cause it, what you can do about it and how to unclog it as quickly as possible.

Simple but effective: use a sink strainer

Perhaps an unnecessary tip, but use a sink strainer at all times. It will only cost you a few euros and will ensure that food particles are not the cause of your pipes becoming clogged.

Unfortunately, we still visit many households where no strainer is used. This gives food residue the chance to gradually clog the drain completely!

(Fine) dust and paint residues

During a home renovation, things like (fine) dust, stucco and paint residue are “quickly” flushed down the drain. Before you know it, such waste is clogging your pipes. During a renovation, it is important to throw all waste into the trash and not to flush it away.

Oil and deep-frying fat

Do you use oil and deep-frying fat when preparing food? Never flush this down the drain of your sink! Always collect this in an empty vial or bottle. You can then dispose of this at a frying fat collection point in your area.

Dishwasher can clog your sink’s pipes

Dishwasher can clog your sink’s pipes

A dishwasher is very often connected to the sink drain. And although a dishwasher has a filter for dirt, it does flush grease and oils through your pipes. Over time, this can build up and combined with small debris can cause your pipes to become clogged.

Do not use chemicals but warm water and a plopper!

The chemicals sold in the supermarket generally only affect your pipes and do not provide a structural solution. The dirt and grease just stays in your pipes.

Your best bet is to just flush warm water through your pipes for a while and use a plopper. Gently move the plopper back and forth and repeat several times.

Still experiencing a clogged drain?

Still not able to unclog your sink drain and pipes? We are happy to help you solve your problem! Ontstoppingsdienst.nl has experienced plumbing experts who will analyze the problem upon arrival and get to work with the right professional tools to get your pipes clean again.

Cost of unclogging a sink

Our technicians are always quickly on site to unclog your sink, drain or pipes. After analyzing the problem, we will make sure that the blockage is resolved as soon as possible.

We work with a fixed starting rate of € 85 excluding VAT for the first half hour. If the work takes more time, we charge an additional € 20,- excl. VAT per 15 minutes.

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